About Us



Hello, we are Travel N2: Mihaela and Valentin and we are traveling the world. We’re making travel stories, videos and photo and sharing our journey with you!

As a couple traveler we’ve been in Greece: Rhodos and Corfu, France – Paris, Italy – Florence, Thailand: Phuket, Koh PhiPhi, Krabi and Bangkok, Turkey – Cappadocia, Germany – Berlin and Ireland – Dublin (soon). We come together after a long solo traveler life in: USA, South Africa, Nederlands, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, Mexic, Dubai, Serbia, Spain and Portugal.

We’re making travel videos in form of dynamic vlogs and take a lot of pictures meantime.

Our YouTube channel is: YouTube.com/TRAVELN2

Our instagram: instagram.com/TRAVEL_N2

You can contact us on hello[at]travel-n2.com